Monday 22 September 2014

Build a Bakery - Little Builders from Mega Bloks - Review

We spent a lot of time over the weekend playing shop with this Build a Bakery set from +Megabloks 
Build a Bakery Mega Bloks First Builders Set
It's very quick and easy to build, which is great as I (or my Best Friend*) have lost the instructions, so built it purely by comparison to the image on the bag.

Incidentally that's the great thing with this set, it comes in a large zipped bag that the whole set neatly fits into. The opening isn't that large, so when unzipped and upended it doesn't all come out straight away, so there is time for an adult to show "waaaaait" if the little one is getting it out at the wrong time or in the wrong place :-)

Each side of the bag gives a picture of a different configuration. I picked the one I fancy, which is what you see above, which doesn't utilise all of the stickers (or pieces, in the way I built it), so I will have to try option 2 at some point, to clear the stickers sheet. I can imagine there are MANY designs beyond those two that the imaginative child can come up with.

Once built me and Aaron had hours of fun playing "shop" with it.
Build a Bakery Mega Bloks First Builders set and a happy Aaron
What was particularly great, is this weekend was the end of his 3rd week at school, but the first week, where as a 4 year old starting reception, that he did full days. He was shattered. So much so that he point blank refused to go to football training Friday night and we stayed in Saturday and Sunday too. He even passed up a chance to see Boxtrolls at the cinema. Thankfully we watched Beethoven's 2nd on TV, so we did get some movie time.

So playing "shop" with this set was perfect as it gave us one-to-one Mum and Son time, that with hindsight I can see is just what he wanted and needed, this weekend in particular. After a week in the "system" without me, he needed that quality time, and I am glad that reviewing with/playing with this set facilitated that. We had lots of quality time and cuddles this weekend.

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Build a Bakery Mega Bloks cupcake
*it was also played with a few weeks ago by my best friend, and Aaron, and her son, when I was busy writing a letter.

Disclosure: we were sent this set in order to produce an honest review for you the reader.

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Mega Bloks First Builders Build a Bakery Till Area

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  1. Aww! Sounds like you had a lovely time together!
    I love Mega Bloks....My girls still play with the ones we have now and again.


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