Thursday 30 October 2014

Dressing a 4 Year Old Boy to Stay Warm and Dry

I was very tardy with getting boy's Winter clothes for Aaron, this year, namely because September was like an Indian Summer (way better than August) driest on record in fact. Some of October was nearly just as good. 

But then some rain came, and then some more, but lucky I was ready with Dickies Water Proofs that I'd had sent for review. We love them, and more importantly they keep Aaron dry! We'd learned the hard way that a normal shower jacket, doesn't have elasticated cuffs, or a drawstring hood, which meant he was miserable when wet. All sorted now though. Since that review we have now tried the hi vis waistcoat which is perfect for our daily #SchoolPedal:
That pic above was taken on the last day of term (I say TERM as there are now six school terms a year, so as much as we call this current very welcome week off "half term" this is technically no longer true). So yes, on Friday 24th October it rained from the HEAVENS, so I even needed to put the water proof trousers on, as you see above. They are a necessity when cycling. You get wet incredibly quickly when the rain is heavy.

So now that he has the right clothes for rain, I needed to deal with warmth. You can see two hoods in the pic above, as the Dickies water proof is a shell, (on a mild day sufficient on its own) so on a cold day I layer. The jacket below is one I picked up for 12 pounds in Primark. I hate to see children in grey, black, navy or brown Winter jackets and have always dressed Aaron colourfully since he was born, hence I was delighted with the tartan detail on the shoulders AND the fact that Aaron's school has no rules regarding outdoor coats, so I can actually be as colourful as I like. The jacket below is aged 7-8 and is not at all big on him. I have a very tall 4 year old (and he only turned 4 in June). Being that he is now fitting into that aged group I have to go to an older boy section of Primark, and the colours are naturally all darker than for the younger ones. Luckily I love the jacket and it is warm. I went there to scoop a bargain, but ended up spending over 50 pounds, as it is HARD to go into PRIMARK for one thing. What I saved on the jacket I ended up spending on a body warmer, as I couldn't resist the large A on it, which I could pretend was for Aaron.
12 pounds in the older boy section of Primark
So Daddy took us to Primark the other day so I could get the Winter jacket above (amongst other things ooops). BUT the other day when we were out shopping as a family once again, I made my "boys" accompany me to TK Maxx where I got the below (top left). (1) The knitwear (I want something like it myself) (2) The Donald Duck long sleeved tee (purely because Aaron says the word CRAZY a LOT and (3) the other long sleeved tee you see there, because it is dead COOOOOOL! Being that it was TK Maxx all of the prices were very reasonable. Shopping as a 3 is great, as when Aaron gets distracted, I can still concentrate with Daddy there as an extra pair of hands. While I picked those 3 TK Maxx bits, Daddy and Aaron were in the toy section.

You can see the body warmer that I mentioned above, in the pics below. You wouldn't know it from the photos, but under the bottom warmer, he is wearing the seasonal cardigan AND the long sleeved tee with the winged "flying" boots. I love layering for staying warm. All of the below were taken on a lovely family day out with Daddy. Luckily he's had some time off in half term which has been GREAT!
Love my gorgeous boy. His Winter wardrobe is building up nicely.

Oh and I bought those blue shoes in H and M over the Summer. For some reason they were only 4.99 GBP and I love them! They're my favourite shops all in one post actually. H and M, Primark and TK Maxx. The places where I get all my favourite bits for Aaron.

Liska xxx

P.S. Here are some individual pics of those three TK Maxx pieces so you can see the detail and the pricing

Whatever happens, my boy, my son, is always dressed better than me:

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