Friday 1 November 2013

Said It Saturday - An Audience With Aaron

Hi, it's that time of week again, when I tell you what Aaron said, and you tell me what your little ones said.  The linky opens on Saturdays but your linked up post can be anything they've said that you've blogged.  Can just be one line that rocked your world, or a wrap-up of the week, or should I say roundup?

So here's mine.

Yesterday 31st October Aaron tripped in the bedroom - long story - I was convinced he was going to get concussion.  Anyway I was in a panic over nothing, and when I took him, and his 3 cousins out trick or treating (the first time I have done trick or treating in my 40 years on this planet) last night, he heard me talking about it and said:
"I don't have cushions, I just have a bruise!" - yeah silly Mummy!
When it came to getting dressed for trick or treating he point blank refused to get dressed up as a pumpkin - a costume that his cousins who are here for a 2 night sleepover bought for him.  Luckily I remembered I had a Lightning McQueen costume in the wardrobe, that despite me spending £16.99 on it in the Summer, Aaron has never worn.  Well thanks be to God he was well excited to get it on last night - it wasn't Halloween-ish, but I just wanted him to be dressed up and he got lots of compliments at every door! I was BLOWN AWAY by how generous people were.  We chose our doors to knock on very wisely, and they'd literally have a bowl, or bucket or basket of GOODIES ready.  The 4 children came back with a Sainsbury's carrier bag full EACH, and they were not just boiled sweets. They got some superb stuff.  When I thought about it last night when I got in I actually got tears in my eyes.  Behind all those closed doors of people leading such separate lives there is a sense of community - it just needs an occasion!!

It took me being 40 years on this planet to do trick or treat and here was Aaron doing it at his young 3 years.  He got so into the spirit of it, that once he and his 3 cousins had each been given their sweet/treat (some people even gave bars of chocolate) he'd loudly shout:
Thank you!
Happy Halloweeen!
at every door we visited.

While waiting for them to answer, they'd hear a loud:
"Trick or treat"
Lucky we didn't have to "trick" anyone as I do not know what that would have involved!

I got so into the idea that I was celebrating Halloween for the first time ever that I even bought some BUNTING!  I got the above in Poundland (skeletons £1 and lightbulb pumpkins £1) and some paper plates etc... Was impressed with them actually.  Why spend a fortune for fun for one day?!?!?


Anyway, let me reverse, back to my #SaidItSaturdays recorded from during the week.  They begin on Saturday after I posted last weeks.

I needed to get pull-ups for Aaron on Saturday but it was raining hard.  I said "oh no what am I going to do?"  In an incredibly serious voice, with a mature face Aaron said:
"I have a plan!"
"I'll go in the buggy with the cover"
..."and you put on your hood"
Bless him, he prefers life in the fast lane, on his balance bike, but was prepared to be rained off and slum it! He knows I can't carry a "brolley" and push the buggy so he even tells me what to do with my hood!

Sunday, Daddy wanted to go cinema and Aaron said:
"no! You have to get something"
"From the shop"

Daddy says "What?"

To which Aaron answers, with big wide eyes:
"A wild, wild, dragon"
I wish you could HEAR the way he paused for emphasis on each "wild".

Monday morning we had the WORST storm since 1987 - see the two storms compared here.

I watched it out the window from 6-7 a.m. and as the trees were bending too much, like I have never seen in 12 years of living here, I went back to bed and slept till 09:30.  When Aaron and I woke up I told him he had slept through a really bad storm and he said:"
"No, I dreamed I was outside.  Mummy and Daddy were at work.  I was on my own. In the storm.  I saw the whole thing!"
He was so sure and so serious and said it more than once this week.  Given my love and belief in the supernatural I wouldn't be AT ALL surprised if he did indeed astral travel to go outside and see the storm.  I really wouldn't be shocked - I astral travelled a lot when I was below 10 years of age.

Wednesday, I collected him from nursery and he lifted up the sleeves of his top, and showed me his arms.  He said:
"I have muscles but Oxxxxx took them!"
Bless him!

Thursday, we walked into town after I collected him from nursery.  He'd had a MASSIVE lunch AND pudding at nursery but I was starving.

He kept stopping and starting and I felt like I was going to pass out.  I'd skipped lunch and my blood sugar was clearly off kilter.  I kept saying "Aaron please stop stopping, as Mummy's going to pass out".  Anyway, in the end I ducked into a pizza place that does a superb lunch-time deal, and Aaron said to the man behind the counter:

"Make the pizza quick as my Mummy is melting!"

Trust me, the man looked well confused - I did of course explain. Ha ha he looked even more confused then!!!

That's all for now folks!!!


  1. Hee hee the concussion comment - I LOVE it :D! Jessamy calls cushions - pushons and I've not corrected her yet :D! x

  2. Aaron looks adorable in his Lightning McQueen costume :) I love his sensitivity and perceptiveness and the way he sees the world. It's beautiful and I'm so glad we're recording these moments on our blogs. I wish I could buy a wild, wild dragon from the shops - how exciting would that be :) xxx


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